Can Personal Trainers Offer Nutrition Advice?

The fitness industry is quite competitive and complicated. But the truth of the matter is that your personal trainers does have the right to ask you about what you eat and your daily intake portions. It is a part of their personal training courses. Offering nutrition advice will help the trainers achieve the goal easily if the clients follow the advice given by them.

But the most important thing is that if your trainers speak to you about your food intakes then first and the foremost thing is that they should know what they are actually talking about.

This can be the differnece between earning good money, and earning great money. On average the Uk personal training salary is around 300 pounds per week, but with the right program personal trainers can often double this.

Why talking about nutrition is so important?

Nutrition advice is very important because without it the clients will not be able to achieve their goals. At times if people only work out and do not pay heed to the nutritional advices given the personal trainers then it is natural there will not be desired results. Then, the clients will get frustrated and will ultimately quit. Even the personal trainer starts to lose their passion and also thinks about quitting too.

If the client follows all the nutrition advices along with their regular work out then the trainer will feel competent and confident about his job. They will also be able to answer the client’s questions effectively and clearly.

Talking about the nutrition advice is very important but just talking and listening won’t, only implementing will. You will surely get the desired results if you do proper workout by following the nutrition advices.

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What UK personal trainers can and should do when it comes to nutrition?

The personal trainers should advise their clients on what to eat and what not to eat. They can also assign them portions to eat on lunch or dinner. They can also chalk out a table for their clients which they should strictly follow.

A good European personal trainer will encourage his or her clients to eat nutrient rich vegetable and lean protein food. They should educate their clients about the health benefits of healthy fats, proteins and other macronutrients. If possible the trainers should also offer recipes to their clients and should also demonstrate food preparation skills. The client should very well know about the evidence based nutritional supplements which might augment their lifestyle.

The clients should know about good nutrition and should also provide them with a few strategies in order to improve their eating habits. You should also help your clients to choose the right food which they should eat before and after exercising. You should keep reminding them to drink lots of water so that they can keep themselves hydrated.

It is the job of a Uk personal trainer and it is a part of their personal training courses to present the information on nutrition in a very down to earth and an understanding and a simple way. It is the duty of a trainer to make sure that their clients have understood what he or she is trying to convey and should also start to adapt their n their day to day life.

Five Things to Know About Your Personal Trainer

If you are going to spend valuable hours trying to lose weight and get into good shape, finding the right personal trainer to help with your requirement, is important. Each person’s requirements are different so basically the trainer should be able to gauge these needs and accordingly chalk the programme out.

Ability to communicate

A personal trainer should have good communication skills. He should be able to not only explain the different workout programs you should do, but also explain why and how they will help you to reach your goal. Also, there may be times when the personal trainer is unable to be physically present during a work-out. At such times if you have questions or difficulties he should be able to guide you on the phone.

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Understanding and patience

These are two very important attributes required in a personal trainer. Every client is different, so the trainer has to develop a good sense of understanding of each client. In fact, before taking on the assignment, the personal trainer should first do a proper assessment of the client’s body to get to know what type of work-outs the particular client needs. Some clients may not absorb the work-out procedures quickly and smoothly. Then the trainer will need to show a degree of patience to slowly guide the client to learn the right moves.

Level of education

There are personal trainers and personal trainers – all advertising they will help you to attain good weight loss. It would be wise to choose a trainer who has the right background and education like Dan Clay from Dangerously Fit Personal Training. The personal trainer should have the required fitness certification from an established Academy. Besides the background education, the trainer should also ensure that he keeps up-do-date with the latest trends in fitness, as the industry is always evolving.

When personality counts

Spending hours with a personal trainer working out physically, can prove tiring. If the trainer is ‘just doing his job’ exercising can also become boring. However, if you choose a trainer who has a good personality, someone who not only understands your physical requirements, but who can also make the sessions interesting, working out no longer is a chore. If your mind is as receptive as your body while working out, you will definitely make bigger strides when it comes to reaching your goal.

Going a step further

For sure you will hire a personal trainer who has the right education and the right approach when it comes to drawing up an exercise programme for you. But how much nicer your workouts would be if the personal trainer did those little extra things that show courtesy and concern. Like fetching a glass of water or towel – or showing courtesies in other little ways. Such an attitude in a personal trainer would show his professionalism and dedication to the job. Of course to benefit from such additional services and courtesies you would probably have to pay a higher fee. Like in any other working category, the more qualified and experienced the person is the hiring cost goes up.

A Bit About ME – Diamond Bay Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert!

I am John Smith, a certified and experienced Diamond Bay Personal Trainer. I have over 10 years of experience in the field of fitness training. I started out in this industry when I was very young. Over the years, I developed my skills and learnt innovative exercise techniques on the job. After a few years, I decided to get some certifications under my belt. I trained at some of the most prestigious fitness institutes in the UK and Diamond Bay. These certifications helped me improve and enhance my skills.

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The combination of on-hands training and an education in the field of fitness helped me to offer a better quality of service to my clients. I can be hired as a Diamond Bay Personal Trainer  too. I work in various gyms around Diamond Bay on contractual basis. Sometimes I am hired to train trainers there and conduct workshops to help improve their overall skills.

I thrive in the field of fitness and I am passionate about fitness. I like being fit and eating right and imparting this knowledge and know-how to others. If you are passionate about it, you can help others achieve their fitness goals too.

My main aim is to help my clients not give up when it comes to losing weight or getting fit. Losing weight takes time and most people end up losing patience. This is where the expertise and motivation as well as hard work of the Diamond Bay Personal Trainer you hire comes into play. The better the trainer, the faster you will be achieve your fitness goals, though you have to be committed too.

I offer specialized exercise programmes and diet tips and plans to my clients. A balance of the two is required to help you stay fit and lose weight after all.

You can hire by contacting me here. Once I understand your fitness needs and goals, I will always endeavour to help you achieve it. A successful trainer is after all one who can help you with your fitness goals. The next time you are looking for a trainer, you know where to look.

Tips for Becoming a Personal Trainer

If you are passionate about health and fitness, you can certainly try out personal fitness training as a viable career option. People all around are becoming more aware of the importance of staying fit and there is a huge demand for certified fitness trainers.
The career offers tremendous potential for growth both in terms of money and fame but you have to approach it in the right manner. Starting as an amateur will not get you far and you must enrol for professional personal trainer courses and get yourself certified before starting off.

A Few Handy Tips
First and foremost, be aware of the fact that personal fitness training is not your regular time-bound job. You should consider this as a career only if you are flexible about timings and willing to go that extra mile to help clients, even at odd hours if required.
Also, you can make a success of your career if you are really passionate about helping others and love being involved with fitness, health, training, diet and nutrition etc.
It’s a round-the-clock commitment and you may even have to start your day at 5am and end it well beyond the evening hours. So the most important thing is to really love what you would be doing and not just considering it as a profession just because others are doing so.

Basic Qualification
Once you have made up your mind, you will have to complete the basic personal trainer courses from a Registered Training Organization (RTO).
Such organizations are accredited and offer the latest courses certified by leading national and international fitness associations. You will have to complete your high school education and be above 18 years of age before enrolling.

Professional Qualifications
Professional fitness trainers need to complete Certificate III in Fitness. This is the foundation and enables you to start your career as a group exercise instructor, gym instructor or aqua instructor.
You can continue your training further and complete the Certificate IV in Fitness. This will enable you to specialize as personal trainer for individual clients, trainer for geriatric clients, trainer for kids and adolescents or even an advanced aqua trainer.
You may also pursue a Diploma of Fitness on completion of which you can start off as a Specialized Exercise Trainer. You can then impart training to clients requiring rehabilitation post illness or injury or even sports fitness training to elite athletes.

Course Contents
Top-rated RTOs provide you with all study materials and exercises for personal trainer courses to help you prepare for each level of Certificate exam.
Modules will vary according to the level you are studying and you will have to pass each test in order to progress to the next level. However, you will have to study certain basic modules such as human physiology, different categories of workouts, CPR, first aid and so on.

Calculating your Fee Structure
Once you start off on your own, you will have to formulate a viable fee structure. Setting up a competitive fee structure is crucial if you want your enterprise to succeed from the very beginning. Your basic aim should be to make enough profit without projecting yourself as too exclusive and beyond the reach of most clients.